James Bayly

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James Bayly

SubQuery Network Launches Decentralised Public RPCs

As part of our long communicated roadmap to completely decentralise both data indexing and RPC infrastructure, SubQuery takes a big step forward today with our first two public RPC endpoints for Ethereum and Base. Behind these RPC endpoints is a network of independent RPC providers operating around the world in...

James Bayly

SubQuery Optimism Support - Developer Deep Dive

Following our recent release of our support for Optimism, we are pleased to share a detailed developer guide for the Optimism community to use to solve their data indexing needs, including how to migrate from The Graph or use our Managed Service. SubQuery is an open data indexer that is...

James Bayly

SubQuery Boosts White Whale’s Data Indexing and Chain Accessibility

We are excited to announce our latest partnership with White Whale. White Whale is an Interchain Liquidity Solutions protocol within the Cosmos ecosystem. White Whale creates a unifying hub for a token’s liquidity and then sub-divides this token’s liquidity in Liquidity Pools or “LPs” across all the cosmos...

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