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SubQuery Team

Revolutionising DeFi: The Role of Real-World Assets

Introduction The Real-world Assets (RWAs) idea is one of the most compelling applications of blockchain technology, leveraging its ability to tokenise diverse items of value—whether physical, digital, or data-based.  From art and collectibles to real estate, commodities, and personal data, various tangible and intangible assets can now be digitally...

SubQuery Team

SubQuery Supports Reef with Decentralised and Super Fast Indexer

We are pleased to announce that we are now supporting Reef Chain! Reef Chain is an EVM-compatible blockchain tailored for DeFi, NFT and gaming applications. It is fast, scalable, has low transaction costs, and doesn’t use wasteful mining for consensus. It is built with Substrate Framework and comes with...

SubQuery Team

SubQuery Brings Fast and Reliable Data Indexing to Energy Web

SubQuery is proud to announce that it will support Energy Web, an open-source platform supporting decarbonization of the energy sector. SubQuery now supports both Energy Web’s EVM and Polkadot parachain - EWC (EVM) and EWX (Parachain). SubQuery's indexing capabilities enable developers on Energy Web to efficiently manage...

SubQuery Team

Mastery Series: How to Select a Node Operator for Delegation

Welcome to the first instalment of the SubQuery Mastery Series, where we help you navigate the SubQuery Network and ensure you maximise potential rewards. If you’re reading this article you may already be familiar with SubQuery and you are probably evaluating who to delegate your SQT tokens to. If...

SubQuery Team

Ethereum's Layer 2 Landscape: An Overview

Layer 2 is a collective term for technologies constructed above the Ethereum (‘ETH’) mainnet (layer 1) to enhance its scalability. These solutions aim to alleviate Ethereum's congestion and high gas fees by processing transactions off-chain or in a more efficient manner. There are many layer 2 solutions on...

SubQuery Team

SubQuery and KYVE Combine Forces to Support Cosmos Developers

Today, we are excited to announce two integrations with KYVE, which will massively enhance the developer experience on both KYVE and the wider Cosmos ecosystem. KYVE, streamlining reliable historical data storage and accessibility, is its own Proof of Stake (PoS) Layer 1 blockchain built with the Cosmos SDK. It has...

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