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SubQuery Team

Redefining Web3: SubQuery Network’s Bold Infrastructure Evolution

Today, we are proud to announce the evolution of SubQuery, in which we aim to transition from simply indexing web3 data to pioneering a complete web3 infrastructure revolution. Over the last year, as we’ve been building out our data indexing service and network, we realised our network is in...

SubQuery Team

November 2023 Monthly Recap

Over the past month, we've achieved remarkable milestones, supporting close to 120 networks now, adding indexing support for Concordium and Akash Network, and establishing groundbreaking partnerships with Meta Defender, stabble and Encointer. SubQuery is making good progress and we will be announcing a lot more in December. November brought a...

SubQuery Team

SubQuery's Game-Changing Announcement: Brace for Impact!

After almost three years of dedicated development, we are thrilled to announce that SubQuery is ready to take its next big step! Our journey has been incredibly rewarding, and it's all thanks to your unwavering support. The SubQuery Kepler Network has been nothing short of a remarkable success, and while...

SubQuery Team

SubQuery Example Project - fetch.ai

In this article, we aim to provide a more detailed overview of Fetch.ai, the integration of which we previously announced. Fetch.ai stands as a beacon of innovation by establishing an open-access, tokenised, and decentralised machine learning network, fostering the development of intelligent infrastructure within a decentralised digital economy....

SubQuery Team

SubQuery Chronicles: Reflecting on our Remarkable Journey

SubQuery’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable since the inception of our SDK nearly three years ago.  In the years that followed, remarkable growth has propelled us to the forefront, establishing SubQuery as a key player in Web3 decentralised indexing. Join us as we take a nostalgic journey...

SubQuery Team

SubQuery Supports Builders on Akash Network with Rapid Data Indexing

Today, we are excited to announce full SubQuery support for Akash Network. SubQuery's indexing capabilities empower developers on Akash to efficiently manage and query on-chain data, expediting development processes and facilitating rapid iterations, ultimately advancing the goal of onboarding the next billion users to the blockchain. Akash Network is an...

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