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SubQuery Team

SubQuery Provides Decentralised and Efficient Data Indexing for Polytope Labs

We are excited to welcome Polytope Labs as our newest customer! Polytope Labs is a blockchain research & development lab at the forefront of the decentralisation revolution. It focuses on building scalable infrastructure and applications that do not compromise on security and decentralisation. With SubQuery's fast, flexible, open,...

SubQuery Team

Developers Can Access Free RPCs on the SubQuery Network

Calling all developers who love free infrastructure! The SubQuery Network and its loyal army of node runners are at your service. As of right now, the SubQuery Network is offering free, yes FREE, remote procedure calls (RPCs) for major EVM chains including Base, Arbitrum, BNB, and the recently added Substrate...

SubQuery Team

SubQuery Boosts Neo with Blazing-Fast & Reliable Data Indexer

Exciting news: We will now be supporting the Neo X Beta TestNet! Neo is an open-source, community-driven blockchain platform designed to welcome developers into the Smart Economy. Neo X is Neo’s sidechain, currently in its Beta Version TestNet. With its MEV resistance and full compatibility with Ethereum tooling, Neo...

SubQuery Team

SocialFi and How it is Reshaping the Social Media Landscape

What is SocialFi? SocialFi combines social media and finance. It lets users interact on social media while earning money from those interactions. Imagine Patreon (a monetization platform that provides business tools for content creators to run a subscription service) but without a middleman. Content creators can directly engage with paying...

SubQuery Team

SubQuery’s Blockchain Indexer Now Supporting 200 Supported Networks

Today SubQuery has hit a monumental milestone by adding indexing support for our 200th network. This achievement cements SubQuery's position as one of the largest blockchain indexers on the market, underscoring our dedication to enhancing the accessibility and efficiency of blockchain infrastructure for developers worldwide. SubQuery’s indexer...

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