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Martina Beg

May 2023 Monthly Recap

The latest SubQuery Monthly Update is here again! Throughout the past month, the SubQuery team has been hard at work developing new features, enhancing existing tools, and extending our indexing support throughout the Web3 ecosystem. We have achieved a number of important milestones, including expanding our indexing support to Arbitrum,...

Martina Beg

Comdex Partners with SubQuery to Enhance Data Indexing Capabilities

Today we’re excited to announce our indexing support for yet another Cosmos zone: Comdex. Comdex is a DeFi infrastructure layer for the Cosmos ecosystem. Its mission is to create an ecosystem of interoperable solutions that will bridge the gap between DeFi and CeFi and thereby democratize finance. SubQuery’s...

Martina Beg

SubQuery Arbitrum Support - Developer Deep Dive

Following our recent release of our support for Arbitrum, we are pleased to share a detailed developer guide for the Arbitrum community to use to solve their data indexing needs, including how to migrate from The Graph or use our Managed Service. SubQuery is an open data indexer that is...

Martina Beg

SubQuery Brings Advanced Data Indexing to Arbitrum

Today we’re excited to announce support for our next Layer-2 scaling solution: Arbitrum. From today, Arbitrum developers on both Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova can benefit from the superior SubQuery indexing experience, including our open source SDK, managed service, upcoming decentralised network, and developer support that the SubQuery ecosystem...

Martina Beg

Centrifuge Leverages SubQuery to Boost Data Indexing and Accessibility of their Protocol

We are excited to announce our latest partnership with Centrifuge. Centrifuge is a decentralized finance (DeFi) lending protocol that enables a radically faster, more cost-effective, and fully-transparent model for connecting investors and borrowers with bankless liquidity for real-world assets (RWAs). Centrifuge will use SubQuery to index RWA (Real World Assets)...

Martina Beg

The SubQuery Kepler Swap is Live!

We are excited to launch the latest feature on the Kepler Network: Kepler Swap. With Swap, users can conveniently exchange USDC to kSQT (and vice versa) to reimburse infrastructure costs incurred by the indexers. kSQT is the name of the token that is used by participants who operate within the...

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