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SubQuery Team

SubQuery’s Major Staking Campaign: Summer Delegation Frenzy

Off the back of our extremely successful mainnet launch, today we announce our exciting staking campaign “Summer Delegation Frenzy” where our network Delegators will work to earn their share of a huge SQT rewards airdrop! The SubQuery Network is expanding rapidly, reaching new milestones each day. We have a robust...

SubQuery Team

June 2024 Monthly Recap

In June, we expanded our network support and customer base while introducing new features like SubGraph hosting, free RPCs, and decentralised RPCs for Polkadot and Kusama. We also hit an incredible milestone of 200 supported networks! Our robust indexing tool supports 90 EVM chains, almost 50 Cosmos chains, almost 60...

SubQuery Team

DePIN Decoded: Your Guide to Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Networks

What is DePIN? The internet changed how we communicate and access information. Now, Web3 promises another major shift, bringing decentralisation to the forefront. In this new era, control moves from central authorities to distributed networks, empowering users and promoting transparency.  One exciting concept in this Web3 world is Decentralised Physical...

SubQuery Team

SubQuery Provides Swift and Open Data Indexing for Dymension

We are thrilled to announce that Dymension is now using the SubQuery SDK! Earlier this year, we declared our support for Dymension, and having them onboard as a customer further solidifies our credibility in this arena. Dymension serves as a hub for effortlessly deployable and exceptionally swift app-chains, known as...

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