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SubQuery Team

Secret Stash Uses SubQuery to Power their NFT Marketplace

We're happy to announce our partnership with Secret Stash, Secret Stash is the first digital marketplace for Ternoa assets. Ternoa is the first NFT-centric blockchain. Secret Stash are using SubQuery to efficiently retrieve on-chain data for the NFTs featured in their marketplace. This makes it incredibly convenient for...

SubQuery Team

SubQuery Supports The Latest Polkadot Parachain - Watr!

SubQuery's mission has always been to provide fast & efficient data indexing to the widest number of chains possible. SubQuery launched on Polkadot almost two years ago and has been the leading indexing solution in the ecosystem, supporting a large number of parachains and dApps. Today we'...

SubQuery Team

Customer Interview with Adam Dossa from Polymesh

Find out from Adam Dossa, Head of Blockchain at Polymesh, why the team went with SubQuery as their indexing solution. Adam also explains what Polymesh is all about, what's the difference between Polymesh and Polymath --- and finally we also talked about crypto institutional regulation! For all of...

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