Today, we are excited to announce our partnership with Aeroscraper. SubQuery is empowering the team at Aeroscraper to efficiently manage and query their on-chain data, expediting development processes and facilitating rapid iterations.

Aeroscraper is a cross-chain DeFi hub revolutionizing protocol-managed liquidity and arbitrage that allows traders to experience almost no price impacts. In addition, it also allows liquidity providers to have close to zero impermanent loss risks due to protocol-managed liquidity.

SubQuery’s data indexer will provide efficient retrieval of on-chain data, for Aeroscraper to access real-time and historical blockchain data seamlessly. This translates to swift order book updates, significantly enhancing the overall platform performance. By leveraging SubQuery's fast and reliable indexing capabilities, Aeroscraper can ensure a smooth and user-friendly experience for traders of all levels.

"SubQuery's indexing service is pivotal, housing all trove data and providing seamless access to over 60,000 troves across the protocol. We are happy to say that it works well!”

— Ceredis, Co-Founder, Aeroscraper 

Aeroscraper utilises SubQuery to leverage a fast and flexible data indexer. By doing so, Aeroscraper significantly improves data querying efficiency, expedites transaction processing, and gains real-time analytics. With SubQuery’s advanced indexing capabilities, Aeroscraper offers users a smoother experience, while also providing valuable insights into liquidity and asset movements.

“We are thrilled to welcome another growing DeFi project to leverage our powerful data indexing solution! Together, we'll elevate user experiences and propel Aeroscraper's growth to new heights!"

— Sam Zou, Founder and CEO of SubQuery

How Aeroscraper Uses SubQuery’s Infrastructure

The only way to mint AUSD on Aeroscraper is to open 'Trove'. Users use the collateral of the chain they are on and mint AUSD depending on the amount of collateral they use. To ensure aUSD stability, the protocol must keep track of all troves. However, obtaining all trove data from contracts is an extremely unsustainable way. It causes contract slowdown and thus a bad user experience.

At this point, SubQuery's indexing service comes into play. All trove data is kept in SubQuery's indexer service, and all data is obtained from these indexers at the point where it is needed. With SubQuery, we can track over 60,000 troves across the entire protocol. In addition, users can perform trove operations without any problems. Apart from this, the liquidation system that ensures the stability of aUSD works smoothly.

Why Use SubQuery?

SubQuery makes it easy to build a custom API for your dApp or smart contracts in minutes, providing clean indexed data to any service. The excellent SubQuery developer experience is flexible, with the ability to make external API calls or import external libraries from within your mapping functions, and better controls to run your projects in your own infrastructure with automated DOS (denial of service) mitigation controls. Additionally, we have yet to make plans to sunset our managed service.

SubQuery is designed to be fast. This adds up when you’re indexing millions of ledgers, and is something to consider when choosing your indexer. SubQuery achieves this by using multi-threading and optimisation of the store to reduce costly database writes. With faster sync times, developers can iterate faster and deliver features to market quicker.

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About Aeroscraper 

Aeroscraper is a user-centric decentralised lending-borrowing protocol that revolutionises

the DeFi space with its interest-free, over-collateralized stablecoin and DeFi loans. This fully

automated and governance-free protocol enables unauthorised lending and borrowing,

empowering users with autonomy and direct transactions.

By depositing collateral, users can access loans in stablecoins pegged to the US dollar, all

without incurring any interest. Instead, Aeroscraper charges a one-time fee, eliminating the

complexities of variable interest rates. With its innovative approach, Aeroscraper enhances the user experience, promotes financial inclusion, and represents the future of decentralised finance.

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About SubQuery

SubQuery Network is innovating web3 infrastructure with tools that empower builders to decentralise the future. Our fast, flexible, and open data indexer supercharges dApps on 160 networks, enabling a user-focused web3 world. Soon, our Data Node will provide breakthroughs in the RPC industry, and deliver decentralisation without compromise. We pioneer the web3 revolution for visionaries and forward-thinkers. We’re not just a company — we’re a movement driving an inclusive and decentralised web3 era. Let’s shape the future of web3, together.

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