February flew by for the team at SubQuery as we have been busy on all fronts preparing for our TGE and servicing all of our existing customers including the leading teams in Polkadot.

We have a lot of exciting work going on that we can't wait to share in the weeks and months ahead!


This month we finally passed 30,000 organic Twitter followers and our Discord has swelled to over 15,000 active community members working to help one another. It's not enough to build a tool or an application in web3, you need to build a self sustaining community and we're hard at work on this at SubQuery!

SubQuery Announces First Cohort of SubQuery Grants Recipients

Four teams have been selected as the first ever cohort of SubQuery Grants recipients. These teams are Alphabit, Zoombies, Dapplooker and Dotsama. The USD $500,000 SubQuery Grants Program kicked off in December 2021 with the vision of offering opportunities to blockchain developers, community members, and wider ecosystem participants to create innovative or high-potential web3 applications.

Alphabit, are endeavouring to empower the independent investor by providing visibility to track and analyse the portfolios and investments of funds, and large traders or 'whales'. "The business advice and technical support from SubQuery has completely surpassed our expectations about the support we could receive as a small analytics startup" --- Michael Anderson, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships (Alphabit)

Zoombies submitted a proposal in the hopes of using SubQuery to expedite their goal of deepening the value of the growing world of collectible play-to-earn (P2E) tokens. Their project will access the complete history of past event data within a game to produce meaningful views and enrich the player experience. "The SubQuery Grants Programme has been a very clear step-by-step reward driven process" --- Ryan Price, CEO (Zoombies)

Dapplooker aim to empower Polkadot projects with beautiful and easy-to-build analytics tools such as explorers, charts and dashboards. These valuable metrics will be built on top of SubQuery projects to fetch the required data and present it to its audience in an intuitive and aesthetic format.

The Dotsama team are also determined to bring rich insights to the average investor in the Polkadot / Kusama ecosystem, by aiming to be a one-stop analytics shop with tools to identify early investment trends and opportunities. "By being part of the SubQuery Grants Programme, we are not just looking to get technical and strategic guidance, we are also looking to become part of this community and help accelerate the movement." --- Sudarshan Acharya, Founder (Dotsama)

In addition to general Grants like the ones awarded to our first cohort, there are also ongoing technical bounties in partnership with leading parachain teams in Polkadot such as Moonbeam, Acala, Astar and Bifrost on SubQuery's website

SubQuery Network

SubQuery Released our Updated Whitepaper

The SubQuery whitepaper is a document that outlines our strategic framework for the decentralised SubQuery Network and her SQT token. Since the original publication in June 2021, we have experienced significant growth in our customer base and community and made huge progress on building the SubQuery Network. From these sources, we have been inspired to improve and innovate, and that culminates in the latest version of our whitepaper.

The updated whitepaper maintains SubQuery's conviction that the data services of tomorrow must be multi-chain, simple, and flexible. The new version goes into detail on how the SubQuery Network factors these considerations into the token economic design while also enabling power users to run enterprise-level services.

There is significant new information in the whitepaper relating to SubQuery's innovation in payment models, providing all participants with various flexible ways to transact with the SubQuery Token (SQT).

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Core Product Development

Dynamic Data Sources

This is a signifiant improvement for the rapidly growing number of SubQuery's EVM customers. SubQuery is the only data indexing tool that allows indexing of both Substrate and EVM data from Polkadot parachains in a single location.

In certain situations, you don't know the parameters for a data source when the SubQuery project starts, for example in a DEX you don't know what new trading pairs will be enabled when you write your SubQuery project. SubQuery's support for dynamic data sources allows developers to create new data sources from new smart contracts dynamically using templates to automate the indexing of new contracts.

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General Customer Announcements

SubQuery Data Powers Nova Wallet --- a next-gen mobile wallet for the Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem

Many customers, including Nova, rely on SubQuery to provide mission critical data to their production apps. These are huge applications that the Polkadot community use on a daily basis and must be online at all times. Nova know that they can trust SubQuery to provide reliable and scalable services to their applications though our enterprise level features in our managed service. Nova are a key user of SubQuery's intelligent routing which dynamically routes a user's request to the nearest SubQuery cluster resulting in higher reliability and superior performance than any other option on the market.

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SubQuery to help power Parami Protocol's Web 3 advertising technology

Parami Protocol is developing an innovative new technology for a user-centric, tokenised advertising economy: Ad 3.0.

"Parami's vision is to build a user-centric advertising economy for web3 and in order to make this a reality, we turned to SubQuery as our trusted data partner. SubQuery provides the backbone of our service by delivering the query part of our Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) pattern to update our core database. Parami takes advantage of SubQuery's superior indexing speed to track the price of NFT fragments and to build a secondary index of on-chain data all in one sentence. We are looking forward to building AD 3.0 for Web 3.0 leveraging SubQuery's innovative technology."

~ Dorian the Co-Founder of Parami Protocol

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