In June, we expanded our network support and customer base while introducing new features like SubGraph hosting, free RPCs, and decentralised RPCs for Polkadot and Kusama. We also hit an incredible milestone of 200 supported networks! Our robust indexing tool supports 90 EVM chains, almost 50 Cosmos chains, almost 60 Polkadot chains and several more. This accomplishment cements us as one of the largest indexers available on the market and we are proud to be an integral part of many web3 builders tech stacks.

Read on below for more achievements in June.

The Graph's Subgraphs Now Deployable on SubQuery Network

Developers can now use SubQuery’s all-in-one decentralised network to host and power their Subgraphs, offering greater flexibility and options by connecting two leading blockchain data indexing and querying platforms. This integration provides a robust alternative for hosting Subgraphs, allowing developers to leverage SubQuery's comprehensive decentralised infrastructure. 

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Developers Can Access Free RPCs on the SubQuery Network

We are now offering FREE, remote procedure calls (RPCs) for major EVM chains including Base, Arbitrum, BNB, and the recently added Substrate endpoints. You can browse through the chains included in the SubQuery Networks’ RPC offering here

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Decentralised RPCs are now available for Polkadot and Kusama 

We have launched two new RPCs for the Polkadot ecosystem! These are the first decentralised RPCs available for Substrate-based networks.The new Polkadot RPCs, which have been deployed for the Polkadot relay chain and Kusama, are operated by more than 30 independent Node Operators. 

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SubQuery’s Blockchain Indexer Now Supports 200 Networks!

SubQuery has reached a major milestone in our supported networks list, solidifying our place as a leading blockchain indexer, and highlighting our commitment to improving blockchain infrastructure for developers globally. 

Since we launched the SubQuery indexer SDK three years ago, we have come a long way.

Here are some of the feedback we’ve received from our longstanding and current partners:

"SubQuery is a game-changer for developers, saving valuable time and resources. We’ve experienced first-hand the reduction of costs by using SubQuery’s Managed Service instead of running everything on our infrastructure in the cloud.”

— Sicco Naets, Head of Ecosystem at Moonbeam

"We were astonished by SubQuery's lightning-fast integration of indexing for our chain, completing the task within a matter of days. Their swift response and seamless implementation exceeded our expectations”

— Hakan Sezikli, Co-Founder of BEVM

“SubQuery’s integration of Dymension was an important asset for us and the first data indexer we deployed. We are very happy to leverage SubQuery’s capabilities to enable groundbreaking applications within the Dymension ecosystem.”

— Yishay, CEO, Dymension Labs

"We were amazed by how quickly SubQuery integrated indexing for our chain. Their efficiency has accelerated the developer experience in our ecosystem and we’re grateful for their support.”

— Shubham Bhandari, Ecosystem Head at Manta Network

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New Customers: Archway, Polytope Labs and Dymension

In the past month, our customer base has grown with the addition of 3 new names: Archway, Polytope Labs, and Dymension.

Here are the feedback we received from these new customers:

“SubQuery allows us to index and query data quickly for Ambur. Having the GraphQL API ready to access the on-chain data helped speed up our front end development."

— Griffin Anderson, Founder of the Archway Protocol

“We use SubQuery to index both ISMP events and transactions on supported EVM chains and the Hyperbridge chain. This enables seamless tracking of cross-chain messages and allows us to collect valuable metrics for both Hyperbridge and its relayers. We chose SubQuery primarily for its robust transaction indexing support on EVM chains and support for Substrate chains.” 

— David Salami, Co-Founder, Polytope Labs

“Dymension currently uses SubQuery to monitor data for our hub and RollApps, including IBC transfers, swaps, burns, and more. This switch from Firebase cron jobs (which we used previously) significantly improved performance. The SubQuery framework is user-friendly and stable, with helpful examples in the repository.” 

— Yishay, CEO, Dymension Labs

Our sincere thanks go out to our customers for trusting us with your data requirements as well as sharing valuable feedback. 

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Exciting Reads on Web3 Gaming, SocialFi, and DePIN

In June, we published a series of captivating weekly educational articles, delving into some of the most compelling web3 narratives that have recently emerged. These articles provide insightful analyses and explore key developments in the ever-evolving world of blockchain technology.

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We shared our stance on the importance of multi-chain indexing in making blockchain data retrieval more efficient. Get all the details here

Something BIG is coming—stay tuned for exciting updates!

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