Have you ever wondered how web3 teams use SubQuery to make their projects successful? Well, you're in for a treat! Explore some success stories from our customers and how we became the go-to decentralised data indexing tool for them.

Folks Finance

Folks Finance is a DeFi project which allows you to lend, borrow, trade, and manage digital assets all in one place. 

Benedetto Biondi, CEO of Folks Finance: “We wanted to have a dashboard for our metrics to see the volumes and fees. And that’s where SubQuery came in. And indeed, it (SubQuery) was very helpful.

Learn more about this customer: Folks Finance.


OKP4 is an ever-expanding universe of applications powered by shared digital resources.

Théo Pelliet, Head of Ecosystem of OKP4: “And I mean, it works. So from my side, it's all that counts. It works and it was not that hard for the developers.”

Learn more about this customer: OKP4.

Eclipse Fi

Eclipse Fi is a revolutionary hub for interchain token launches, bringing the value back into the hands of early communities.

Simon Chadwick, CEO and Co-Founder of Eclipse Fi: “SubQuery enables us to deploy quicker.”

He also mentioned that “Having SubQuery there is important for us in terms of being able to query our data and everything and have everything ready to go. So yeah, it's just been really good to set up that, have that infrastructure set up, and be able to deal with that expansion side of things.”

Learn more about this customer: Eclipse Fi.

Sea Swap & Aeroscraper

Sea Swap and Aeroscraper are both fast-growing DeFi platforms - Sea Swap offers OTC swap, a bonding curve launchpad, token creation and permissionless DEX while Aeroscraper is a decentralised lending-borrowing platform.

Ceredis, Co-Founder of Sea Swap and Aeroscraper: “Both of our projects depend on the indexing systems (from SubQuery), for Sea Swap, the marina curves, and the pools, they both need Subuand on Aeroscraper, we are using indexer for showing the troves.”

Learn more about this customer: Sea Swap/ Aeroscraper.

White Whale

White Whale is solving the fractured liquidity and unstable pricing problem by connecting liquidity across the Cosmos ecosystem.

Sen Com, CTO of White Whale: “I think one of the things that SubQuery has been doing well is allowing us to replicate our indexing for different chains quite easily.”

Learn more about this customer: White Whale.


Centrifuge is the first protocol to bring real-world assets on-chain, they’re building the go-to platform for on-chain finance.

Jeroen Offerijns, CTO of Centrifuge: “Because of the multi-chain feature, we can have a single indexing service that gets that queries and stores all of this data across these different chains. You can get a single source through it of all investments and sections across all chains, which I think was a really powerful feature for our investors. And it's also just a huge time saver on our end.”

Learn more about this customer: Centrifuge.

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