Recently our team attended ETHGlobal Sydney, which brought together some of the top minds and experts in the Ethereum ecosystem to Sydney, Australia. 

Our Head of Business Development and Dev Relations, Marta Adamczyk, and Head of Marketing Brittany Seales represented us at the event. 

What is ETHGlobal Sydney?

ETHGlobal Sydney 2024 is ETHGlobal's first event in the Oceania continent! This Ethereum event brought together projects, dialogues, and partnerships throughout the region, raising the bar for web3 and nurturing a vibrant community.

ETHSydney side-events

We were one of the sponsors alongside the Ethereum Foundation and ZkSync. More details here.

As one of the key sponsors, we gave a keynote speech and demo. In her presentation, Marta gave a talk entitled Decentralised Data for Everyone, discussing the rationale, value, design, and future of SubQuery Network, and demonstrated multi-chain indexing (using the Plasma bridge Multichain Quick Start - Plasma Bridge as an example).

We had a great turnout, with more people than chairs in the room. There were also lots of developers in the audience! 😉

This event stood out because it was the only one in Sydney on the 1st of May, this made it easier for people to attend without any other events competing for their attention.  Our presence made an impact, and people noticed us throughout the week of events that followed.

Brittany and Marta at the EthSydney event co-sponsored by SubQuery. Do connect with Marta on Telegram if you’re keen to learn more about our services. 

Pragma Sydney ETHGlobal conference

Pragma Sydney attracted a sizable crowd of approximately 200-300 attendees. We had the opportunity to engage in stimulating conversations with representatives from Filecoin, Railgun, ETHGlobal, and ZkSync

One talk that particularly caught our attention was "Practical Security Measures for Web3 Founders" by Paul Hauner from Sigma Prime, offering essential insights into cybersecurity in the Web3 space. 

We were captivated by Immutable's presentation. Their insights sparked our excitement for the potential of web3 gaming, inspiring us to explore collaborations within the gaming community. Learning that Immutable holds the title of the fastest Australian company to achieve Unicorn Status further impressed us.

Hanging out with Amy, the Head of Experiential Marketing in ZkSync, one of the 180 networks that we currently support

Our Merch was a hit!

Our swag was a huge hit! People loved the variety and quality of the items we had (and a pun never hurts). 

We didn't expect it all to fly off the shelves so quickly! We ran out faster than we thought we would. It was a good problem to have, though. Make sure you catch us at the next event to score some and we’ll make sure to come prepared! Stay updated by following us on X or joining our Discord

Unlock the decentralised future with SubQuery as the key (and open a few bottles of beer while you’re there 😉)

Meeting some awesome teams and building connections 

It was great to meet up with people who played such a big role in our growth and one of those teams was no other than Base! The SubQuery Network was launched on Base in February 2024 and we are proud to be part of such a promising and exciting community of projects.

We had a productive discussion with them, and we're excited to explore further collaboration soon.

The SubQuery team with + John O'Loghlen (Head of Coinbase in APAC) and Gerald Lonlas (Engineering Manager at Coinbase)

Closing Remarks 

EthGlobal was an intimate yet lively and fruitful event, full of developers who are exactly the people we want to reach here at SubQuery. We got to meet with and speak along with some incredible minds at our EthSydney side event, it was a pleasure to host so many cool people in such a collaborative space.

As a team that started in New Zealand, it was also an amazing chance to connect with other Australians and Kiwis in the web3 world. It was the first time that EthGlobal came down to the southern hemisphere and we hope it’s here to stay!

Finally, the hackathon itself was fun and vibrant; some of the things built in just 36 hours were outstanding! 

ETHGlobal Sydney was a blast. Cheers from us!

About SubQuery

SubQuery Network is innovating web3 infrastructure with tools that empower builders to decentralise the future. Our fast, flexible, and open data indexer supercharges dApps on over 180 networks, enabling a user-focused web3 world. Soon, our Data Node will provide breakthroughs in the RPC industry, and deliver decentralisation without compromise. We pioneer the web3 revolution for visionaries and forward-thinkers. We’re not just a company — we’re a movement driving an inclusive and decentralised web3 era. Let’s shape the future of web3, together.

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