SubQuery is the Universal Web3 data indexing toolkit. SubQuery enables anyone to index, transform, and query blockchain data to power their applications. In this User Case Study series we hone in on how one team uses SubQuery to elevate and enhance their project via the seamless provision of mission critical data.


ChatData Insight, an AI-based blockchain data analysis tool, used SubQuery to swiftly index the polkadot block/extrinsic/event data and effortlessly generate insightful charts and summaries at the Polkadot Decoded Summer Hackathon, saving them precious development time to innovate their core product.

“Thanks to SubQuery, what would have been an hour of development time was accomplished within three minutes of deployment. SubQuery is the ultimate time-saver and we highly recommend it to any blockchain developer looking to maximise their productivity and building capabilities.”

— Smith Li, Full Stack Engineer, ChatData Insight


ChatData Insight is a web3 data analysis project operating in the fast-paced blockchain industry. In a landscape where data is generated at an unprecedented rate, the venture aims to cater to the diverse needs of investors, analysts, and developers by providing valuable insights.

ChatData Insight utilises artificial intelligence and conversational chat models, particularly GPT, to simplify the process of accessing and analysing complex blockchain data. By doing so, it endeavours to break down the barriers created by traditional data analysis tools, for users to harness the full potential of blockchain information and make informed decisions in the rapidly evolving space.


The team joined the Polkadot Decoded Summer Hackathon with a goal of creating a system for storing and retrieving blockchain data effectively. Specifically, they needed to store both extrinsic data, which includes information about modules, methods, and parameters, and event data, which consists of details about modules, events, and their respective parameters.

To achieve this, ChatData Insight aimed to develop a powerful query tool that could efficiently handle user inquiries. This tool would allow users to ask questions about the blockchain data and receive concise and relevant summaries as a response.


By utilising SubQuery’s data indexer, ChatData Insight was able to organise and index vast amounts of blockchain data, making them accessible and readily available for queries, resulting in a more user-friendly and informative experience.

“SubQuery was our go-to indexer. We did not consider other indexer services, as SubQuery is the biggest indexer service in Polkadot.”

— Smith Li, Full Stack Engineer, ChatData Insight

“SubQuery's data indexing solution significantly contributed to building our solution by enabling rapid data source deployment for development and testing purposes. It allowed us to streamline the process of sending graphql-ui to both front-end and back-end development engineers.”

— Smith Li, Full Stack Engineer, ChatData Insight

Consequently, the team could efficiently debug the results, tailoring them to their specific requirements. This seamless integration of SubQuery empowered ChatData Insight’s development team to work with agility and precision, ultimately accelerating the development cycle and enhancing the overall effectiveness of their product.


SubQuery’s efficient solution for block data indexing enabled the ChatData Insight team to swiftly initiate block data indexing and focus solely on the relevant fields that required indexing.

SubQuery also allowed rapid deployment of the index server to the public network, making ChatData Insight’s data accessible to a wider audience within minutes.

By facilitating the management of multi-chain data within the same project, SubQuery helped to streamline the team’s data handling process and enhance the overall project’s effectiveness and versatility.

The result? A triumphant third-place finish at the Polkadot Decoded Summer Hackathon!

We’d like to congratulate the ChatData Insight team on their amazing win at the Polkadot Decoded Summer Hackathon.

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