SubQuery is the Universal Web3 data indexing toolkit. SubQuery enables anyone to index, transform, and query blockchain data to power their applications. In this Customer Case Study series we’ll hone in on how one team uses SubQuery to elevate and enhance their project via the seamless provision of mission critical data.


Eclipse FI, an innovative token launch and liquidity bootstrapping layer, and the de-facto launch solution for top-tier projects on Sei network, uses SubQuery to efficiently scan and retrieve information for their Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools, enhancing liquidity management and optimising user experience.

Working with SubQuery has helped us deploy industry disrupting products with heavy data requirements in record time such as LBP's, LBA's, Lockdrops and complex staking. Our users benefit from quicker product shipping and faster loading times.

— Shannon M, COO, Eclipse FI


Eclipse FI is a pioneering token launch and liquidity bootstrapping layer for Sei Network and Cosmos. This decentralised launch platform holds a strategic first-mover advantage, transforming the landscape of token launches and supporting innovation for top-tier projects. By addressing current challenges with sustainability, transparency, and accessibility, Eclipse FI ushers in a new era for token launches. Its modular design enables major DEXes and chains to seamlessly integrate their launches, making it the go-to solution for high-quality projects in the ecosystem and beyond.

“We weren’t looking forward to reinventing the wheel and wasting resources building an indexer that we’d then have to maintain. Efficiency and speed of delivery is everything in web3.”

— Simon C, CEO, Eclipse FI


The implementation of SubQuery has helped streamline the token launch and liquidity bootstrapping processes for Eclipse FI, enabling the team to deploy industry-disrupting products with heavy data requirements in record time.

By removing the need to build and maintain their own indexer, the team was able to focus on quicker product shipping and faster loading times for their users, enhancing liquidity management and user experience on their platform.

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SubQuery is a leading data indexer that gives you fast, reliable, decentralised, and customised APIs for your web3 projects. We empower developers from over 80+ ecosystems including Eclipse Fi, with rich indexed data to allow them to build intuitive and immersive experiences for their users. The SubQuery Network powers your unstoppable apps with a resilient and decentralised infrastructure network. Use our blockchain developer toolkit to build the web3 applications of the future, without wasting time building a custom backend for data processing activities.

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