With the SubQuery mainnet live and SQT tokens in play, it's time to maximise their potential! A prime option is delegating your SQT tokens to support your preferred Node Operator and earn rewards. 

If you're new to the delegation process, fret not! We've crafted an easy-to-follow guide to get you started on this exciting journey.

What is a Delegator?

A Delegator in the SubQuery Network is a user-friendly role that allows individuals to actively participate in the network. By delegating their SQT to Node Operators Delegators earn rewards, similar to staking

This vital role ensures that Node Operators receive optimal rewards, as they compete to attract Delegators by offering a competitive share of their rewards. Delegating is an accessible way for anyone to engage with and contribute to the SubQuery Network's success.

For more information about the role, read the doc here

Are you still confused?

We’ve got you covered, follow the steps below OR for the visual learners, take a look at this step-by-step tutorial: https://youtu.be/7GKWO5wEdtc

How to Delegate

  1. Log in to the SubQuery Network App.
  2. Head to the Delegator tab.
  3. Decide which Node Operator you wish to delegate to based on the leaderboard (check out the docs here to help you choose).
  4. Select ‘Node Operators’ on the left sidebar and select ‘Delegate’ in the last column next to your desired Node Operator. Do ensure you have ether for gas fees. Ether needs to be on the Base network. More information can be found here.
  1. Select your source for the delegation (it can be your wallet, or from an existing delegation amount) and enter an amount. Click on ‘Delegate’. You will be asked to confirm your transaction with Metamask. Please wait for a while after confirming the transaction.

Note that some Node Operators cannot be delegated until they collect all the early era's rewards. You would need to contact the Node Operator to resolve the issue.

To learn more about delegation and delegating, head to our docs here.

How do Delegators get rewarded?

Delegators earn rewards through the Node Operator Commission Rate (NOCR), a percentage set by Node Operators. A higher NOCR means more rewards for Node Operators, while a lower rate benefits Delegators. 

Keep in mind that delegators only earn rewards for full staking Eras they're part of, and any changes to the NOCR must be advertised for a full Era. Although Delegators can withdraw at any time, they forfeit rewards for Eras they didn't participate in entirely.

Dig deep into the technical details here

Ready to start delegating your SQT tokens?

Head to the SubQuery Network app where are bunch of mainnet indexers are already setup and await your support!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on our Discord channel in the network-delegator-chat. 

Delegating APY

It is quite tricky determining your Annual Percentage Yield or APY because it depends on a number of factors. Because the rewards are distributed from a pool and based on the number of Delegators in that pool and the proportion delegated by each Delegator. 

This is like your boss telling you that your salary will be determined from a pool of $10,000,000 shared between all staff members and proportional to the number of hours they work. Staff numbers could be five people or 50 people. Some could work 20 hours a week, others might work 80 hours a week. 

As the network becomes more stable, we'll share approximate numbers with the community.

About SubQuery

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