It's time for the latest SubQuery Monthly Update! In the last month, our dedicated team at SubQuery has diligently worked on introducing fresh features, improving current tools, and expanding indexing capabilities in the Web3 ecosystem. A few noteworthy milestones have been reached, such as our indexing support for Mantle and OmniFlix Network, as well as our new collaborations with Ref Finance and Burnt.

As customary, this monthly update will be divided into three sections: Community, Core Product Development, and the SubQuery Network.


SubQuery Joined Token2049

We were thrilled to participate in the highly anticipated global crypto event, TOKEN2049, where we continue to build and foster relationships with other industry players and customers.

This year’s TOKEN2049 hit a new milestone with a record-breaking 10,000+ attendees over 300 exhibitors, and over 400+ side events taking place as part of TOKEN2049 Week, making it the largest crypto in-person event of the year in Asia!

James Bayly Joined sub0 Europe 2023

Our COO, James Bayly attended Sub0 Europe 2023, Polkadot's premiere developer conference. Taking part in sub0 Europe 2023, a highly anticipated annual Web3 crypto event in Europe was a great experience for our team, and it further elevated our significance in the realm of Web3 data indexing in the Polkadot ecosystem.

During the event, James also joined a Panel with the wallets Talisman and Nova Wallet and the decentralised liquidity protocol HydraDX to discuss how to effectively build and scale cross-chain applications in Polkadot. He also had the chance to talk closer with some of our customers, as well as discuss new features and improvements to add to SubQuery’s roadmap.

James Bayly Joined Meridian 2023

James Bayly once again represented SubQuery in Meridian 2023, Stellar's annual conference. The event was held in Madrid, Spain, from September 26 to 28. In its fifth edition, this year’s theme is, "Unleashing Human Potential" - which aims to bring together developers, founders, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and experts from both decentralized and traditional finance to discuss innovative ways to unlock access through blockchain technology and, in turn, enable people to realize their potential in real, tangible ways.

SubQuery’s Zealy Campaign is now Live

We're thrilled to unveil our Zealy campaign. Our innovative campaign isn't just about rewards; it's a celebration of our vibrant community and a testament to the power of collaboration. By contributing to SubQuery's success, you not only earn points but also unlock access to exclusive benefits.

Community members with the highest XP will ultimately be rewarded in the SQT Public Sale and we will also be running Zealy campaigns with USDC and other rewards up for grabs. Zealy is our way of recognizing and appreciating your invaluable contributions. We invite each of you to embark on this journey, earn your Zealy points, and play an active role in shaping the future of SubQuery.

New partnerships: Ref Finance and Burnt

As SubQuery continues to expand its data indexing support within the web3 ecosystem, we were delighted to announce our latest partnerships with Ref Finance and Burnt (XION ecosystem).

Ref Finance and Burnt are using SubQuery Projects to manage their project and make updates as required. Many other leading teams take advantage of SubQuery’s enterprise-level hosting to receive dedicated databases, automated deployments, and geographic routing to multiple clusters around the world for performance and uptime.

“SubQuery’s integration of the XION ecosystem is a tremendous asset. SubQuery provides fast, reliable, and decentralised APIs, further enabling developers to build next-generation consumer-facing applications and harness the full potential of the XION ecosystem.”

—  Burnt Banksy, Founder

Core Product Development

SubQuery announces version 3 of its core SubQuery SDK, the leading open-source indexer used by developers across more than 100 ecosystems to provide custom data APIs to their applications.

Version 3.0 adds some major improvements to SubQuery that have been requested and developed in partnership with key customers in the ecosystem.

It centres on SubQuery's goals of providing the fastest, most reliable, easiest to develop, and most fully featured decentralised data indexer in web3.

  1. Project Codegeneration and Scaffolding

We recently announced the beta for our latest feature to save developers time - project scaffolding.

With v3 of our SDK, this feature has good some bug fixes and improvements to really make it production-ready

The scaffolding feature lets developers autogenerate the key boilerplate for an entire SubQuery project off a single smart contract definition.

In short, SubQuery will generate a project manifest and function facades for the selected events or transaction types from your smart contracts during setup, saving you from writing a boilerplate. It simplifies the process and ensures type safety in your project, making it a game-changer for SubQuery developers.

It works for abi-based smart contracts in Ethereum and Cosmos. Find the docs here:

2. Changing the project manifest from yaml to typescript

With the number of new features we are adding to SubQuery, and the slight differences between each chain that mostly occur in the manifest, we looked for a way to make it easier for developers to understand.

Rather than a complex yaml file that is easy to make errors in, we’ve decided to embrace typescript.

The manifest in version 3 is now written in Typescript by default, which includes better type safety, more advanced settings (more on that below), and documentation to make it easier for developers to update and edit without having to consult our documentation.

This step makes the development experience easier for developers of SubQuery, and also improves the discovery and documentation of new features and configuration options, it’s a relatively major change to our SDK that is surprisingly easy to make to your projects.

You can see an example of this change here

3. Improved Store Methods for retrieving data

Many customers have requested improved data retrieval store operations so they have more flexibility when accessing their data from the store database from within their mapping functions.

We’ve listened and added a new getter that is highly flexible and allows an unlimited amount of AND filters to get the exact data you need for your mapping functions:

For example with the following query, you can now retrieve all TransactionEntities that exist for a given account on a given chainID.

4. Configuration and project upgrades in the Project Manifest

Previously, developers of SubQuery projects on the network or in the managed service would have to configure the settings of SubQuery each time they make the changes.

They would also have to trust that third-party indexers do the same and maintain the same configuration

We wanted to let SubQuery developers enforce certain running parameters, e.g. unsafe mode or historical indexing, so that when a third-party indexer runs the project, they run it in the exact same way.

You can see the docs here:

Additionally, developers can enforce that certain changes to their projects happen at a specific block height


These four new key features, including many other bug fixes, rewrites, and others come together to contribute to web3’s most flexible and performant decentralised data indexer.

SubQuery Expanded Indexing Support to Mantle Network

This September, we announced indexing support for Mantle Network, an EVM-compatible Layer 2 scaling solution built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Developers on Mantle can now benefit from a superior SubQuery indexing experience, including access to the open-source SDK, tools, documentation, and developer support that the SubQuery ecosystem provides. They are also supported in SubQuery’s enterprise level managed service, which provides enterprise level infrastructure hosting and handles millions of requests each day.

We’ve also extended our indexing support for OmniFlix Network, Meter, and Polygon zkEVM.

SubQuery Network

New My Profile Page

We’ve been working through all sections of the Kepler app to improve the user experience and to make it easier for indexers, delegators, and other participants to view, understand, and engage with the Kepler Network.

This month we overhauled the My Profile page, to better give you an at-a-glance look at the rewards that you have received over time, and also see where your staking and delegation is going to.

Other things you might have missed

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About SubQuery

SubQuery is a leading blockchain data indexer that provides developers with fast, flexible, universal, and decentralised APIs for web3 projects. We empower developers from over 100+ ecosystems including Ethereum, Polygon, Polkadot, Cosmos, Algorand, NEAR, and Avalanche with rich indexed data to allow them to build intuitive and immersive decentralised applications. This blockchain developer toolkit enables developers to focus on their core use case and front-end without wasting time building a custom backend for data processing activities. In the near future, the SubQuery Network will replicate this scalable and reliable solution in a completely decentralised manner.

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