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In this monthly update:

  • Whitepaper Release 🎊
  • Team Expansion 👩💻
  • Staging Deployments 📥
  • SubQuery Dictionary Service 📖
  • Improving our Reach in China 🇨🇳

The SubQuery Network is our effort to move towards a decentralised and tokenised network in order to ensure no single point of failure for SubQuery and to encourage as many participants in the process as possible.

Last month, we publicly released our whitepaper for the world to read. You can also read/watch a short explanation here.

We have ambitious goals at SubQuery to be the fastest and accessible data service provider on Substrate. We’ve written this whitepaper to highlight our competitive advantages and our focus now is on executing this vision. The SubQuery Network revolves around two key aspects, flexibility and simplicity.

Ambitious goals require a first class team, and we’ve been steadily adding new members to the team over June. This includes; new development interns, a UX designer, a development documentation writer, and Chinese based business development staff.

We’re still looking for more, especially in the following areas. Please us know if you know if you have someone in mind:

It’s our belief that developers in our industry should focus on building the future, not running infrastructure — our SubQuery hosted service is the manifestation of that. In June we released deployment slots, a whole new feature that improves the developer experience in SubQuery’s hosted service.

Deployment slots are a new feature that means developers can update their Project, reindex their data, and upgrade their hosted production SubQuery Project with zero downtime. We continue to make our free managed service the default choice for where our customers choose to run their infrastructure.

A common request we face from our customers is how to improve the indexing speed of their SubQuery project. Indexing historical data on a chain as large as Polkadot can take hours if not days, making testing difficult.

SubQuery projects now have the option to skip all this using our new feature — the SubQuery Dictionary. We essentially pre-index the location of all events within a chain and as a result we’ve seen up to 10x faster indexing speed, SubQuery is faster than ever before.

China is a key part of our strategic expansion plans. In June Siqi joined us and will lead our business development in the region. She’s certainly hit the ground running, connecting with many of our existing customers and partners there.

Siqi was on stage at the extremely successful Polka Ecology National Tour event at Hefei Station, establishing contact with many other project parties who also attended the conference. She’ll be at many events going forward, so keep an eye out for her and say hi!

Heading into next month we look to continue our rapid growth and are working on many exciting projects. Stay in touch through our social media to be the first to know what is happening!

James, Sam, and the SubQuery Team

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