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As usual the past month was action-packed with the news of our integration with Avalanche taking centre-stage. We also made massive progress towards our TGE after announcing the launch of our Testnet, "The Frontier" and have invited the first participants to our closed beta.

Meanwhile, we also announced partnerships with several teams in Polkadot and we rewarded our rapidly community by continuing our partnership with Gitcoin.


SubQuery Provides Web3 Developers More Opportunities via Gitcoin Hackathon

After running our first Gitcoin Hackathon in December 2021 and achieving fantastic results with many talented developers it was an easy decision to extend our partnership.

"SubQuery is proud to partner with the Gitcoin GR13 Hackathon to build the future of Web3. It is in our interest to support motivated developers around the world to build on top of our data indexing service which is why we also recently launched a $500,000 SubQuery Grants Programme. We have developed bounties that should excite graduates of our 'Hero Course' and developers who are new to SubQuery and look forward to seeing the results" - Sam Zou, Founder and CEO of SubQuery

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SubQuery Extends Partnership with OneBlock+ To Promote Blockchain Education in China

We are partnering with OneBlock+ to run a second round of the "Hero Course" in China starting in early April.

"SubQuery is excited to continue our partnership with OneBlock+ and their passionate group of Chinese Substrate developers. We have already received feedback that the first group of students are already using SubQuery on their own projects to make their development easier. We look forward to collaborating with the future students as they leverage on OneBlock+ and SubQuery to build the next generation of dApps" - Sam Zou, Founder and CEO of SubQuery

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SubQuery Network

SubQuery supports Automata Network to deliver Web3 privacy services

SubQuery is excited to announce our partnership with Automata, a decentralised service protocol that provides middleware-like traceless privacy services for dApps on Ethereum and Polkadot. SubQuery is working with Automata to allow developers access to a high performance indexing solution that will power Automata's rapidly growing application ecosystem.

"Subquery has become the standard indexing protocol within the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems, and it is not without reason. The team has been prompt, exceptional, and we're pleased to continue working closely with them as Automata focuses on its middleware solutions to bring forth a fair-minded and privacy-focused Web3." - Deli Gong, Automata Network

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SubQuery Provides Data To OAK Network To Power DeFi Automation Hub

SubQuery is proud to announce our partnership with OAK Network, the Web3 automation hub for DeFi and payments. SubQuery's expertise will be used to provide greater insights for OAK when monitoring and observing blockchain activity for both OAK Network on Polkadot, the Turing Network on Kusama, as well as their Neumann testnet.

"SubQuery's mission to help teams create products that allow movement to a decentralized future aligns closely with OAK Network's own mission of bringing secure and trustless automation to the masses. SubQuery will serve as a valuable resource to accelerate development timelines and ensure the services which OAK supplies to the market are stable and observable." - David Finklestein , Head of Growth at OAK Network

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SubQuery provides an open data foundation for Astar, Polkadot's dApp Hub

We're excited to share the close partnership between Astar and SubQuery to provide key data infrastructure to applications within Astar's application ecosystem. Our two teams share the same vision, to encourage development of the next generation of dApps in Polkadot and catalyse our transition to web3. Today, the announced integration and developer material will enable dApp projects on Astar to use SubQuery's data indexing solution to speed up their development and build even better applications.

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SubQuery partners with SubWallet to Enhance User Access to Multi-Chain Data

SubQuery is delighted to announce an integration partnership with SubWallet, a new multi-chain wallet for the Dotsama ecosystem. SubWallet makes it easy to track, send, receive and sign transactions on DeFi and GameFi applications and supports over 40 different parachains in the Dotsama network.

"With the mission of pulling crypto users closer to the Dotsama ecosystem and opening the Web3 universe, we are working with SubQuery to integrate their remarkable data indexing solution, so that SubWallet users can review transaction history and crowdloan information for over 40 different Polkadot parachains right in our extension wallet." - Hieu Dao, SubWallet Co-Founder

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Core Product Development

SubQuery Expands its Data Indexing Solution to Support Avalanche

SubQuery is bringing this fast, flexible, and open data indexing solution to Avalanche as well as all the other tools, documentation, developer support, free managed hosting, and other benefits that developers receive from the SubQuery ecosystem.

"SubQuery will always have our home in Polkadot, but we are excited to help developers in Avalanche become more empowered to create and innovate the future of Web3 together. In order to achieve this, we are pleased to provide the same level of developer tools and support to Avalanche that we do to Polkadot" - Sam Zou, Founder and CEO of SubQuery

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SubQuery Launches "The Frontier" Testnet

We are pleased to announce the launch of our testnet, "The Frontier". In SubQuery's case, the launch of the testnet marks a critical milestone in our development as we progress towards the full deployment of mainnet which coincides with our token listing on centralised exchanges.

In order to run the testnet effectively, we require it to be battle-tested by experienced node operators who are experts in running high performance and scalable productions with monitoring and wallet/infrastructure security. Since our call for indexers to participate we have been overwhelmed by the interest from our community and have recently approved an initial group of indexers who will soon receive their invitations to participate in SubQuery Frontier's seasons 1 & 2.

"SubQuery is excited about the launch of the SubQuery Frontier Testnet and what it represents to both ourselves and our loyal community. The choice of "Frontier" as our testnet name also denotes where we believe we are in the growth of Web3 and that we want Indexers to push beyond the limits." - Ian He, CTO of SubQuery

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Other things you might have missed

  • SubQuery celebrated it's 1st birthday with an Airdrop campaign
  • James was at Avalanche summit in time with our Avalanche launch, which we also did an Airdrop giveaway for.
  • We had a Customer Interview with Sota Watanabe from Astar and talked about the new partnership that allows dApp projects on Astar to use SubQuery for native Astar EVM data indexing.
  • An interview with our solution architect James Xu who leads our hosted service
  • An interview with Brittany who leads our Customer Success & Grants Programme
  • An interview with Daniel who supports our Marketing & Business Development teams
  • Siqi hosted Chinese AMAs with Darwinia, Manta Network, Moonbeam, Acala, Unique NFT, and also interviewed a top student from the Chinese Hero Course.
  • Sean interviewed one of the first few students who completed our Hero Course which can we watched here
  • Other events on our Discord channel include a crowdin workshop with our Thai Ambassadors, a Russian AMA on DropsEarn, Office Hours, and a German & Ukranian AMA.


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