SubQuery is proud to announce our partnership with OAK Network, the Web3 automation hub for DeFi and payments. SubQuery's expertise will be used to provide greater insights for OAK when monitoring and observing blockchain activity for both OAK Network on Polkadot, the Turing Network on Kusama, as well as their Neumann testnet.

"SubQuery's mission to help teams create products that allow movement to a decentralized future aligns closely with OAK Network's own mission of bringing secure and trustless automation to the masses. SubQuery will serve as a valuable resource to accelerate development timelines and ensure the services which OAK supplies to the market are stable and observable." - David Finklestein , Head of Growth at OAK Network

By partnering with SubQuery, the development team at OAK will be able to aggregate, observe, and monitor the state of the OAK Virtual Machine, event registry, and automation tasks by their partners and end users. This mission critical information will inform OAK's business strategy and maintain best in class security and visibility within their own ecosystem.

"OAK Network's vision for a secure, trustless and decentralised system for automation of payments is strongly aligned with SubQuery's goals of the same for data. We are proud to be powering innovative Web3 solutions like OAK that will provide users with more control and create better outcomes as they become aware of the exciting possibilities that lie ahead" - James Bayly, Head of Business Development at SubQuery

OAK Network are currently preparing for the launch of The Turing Network (OAK's canary network on Kusama) parachain and crowdloan. OAK joins many of the leading parachain teams in Polkadot and Kusama who rely on SubQuery to provide mission critical data to their applications and utilise enterprise level features via our managed service.

You can find more information about OAK and the data they leverage from SubQuery via their project link

About OAK Network

OAK (On-chain Autonomous Kernel) Network is a blockchain automation hub for DeFi and payments built on Parity Substrate with a first of its kind event-driven execution model. This model enables transactions to be triggered by event signals such as time, price, and smart contract state changes. Importantly, this differs from traditional architectures utilized by Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other popular chains where multiple transactions require repeated private key signing. With this novel design, OAK can empower any connected blockchain with autonomous functionality unleashing endless potential for our partners.

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About SubQuery

SubQuery's mission is to help others create products that allow us to move to a decentralized future faster. SubQuery is a blockchain developer toolkit and the backbone of web3 infrastructure. A SubQuery project is a complete API to organize and query data from chains. Operating between layer-1 blockchains and decentralized apps (dApp), SubQuery is an open-source indexer organizing and serving well-structured data over GraphQL. SubQuery powers the next generation of dApps and tools with web3 data

Currently, anyone can already use SubQuery to extract and query blockchain data in only minutes. The SubQuery Network proposes to enable this same scalable and performant solution, but in a completely decentralized way.

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