The leading data indexer in Polkadot will participate in Gitcoin Grants Round 12

Hot on the heels of the overwhelming success of the SubQuery Academy’s “Hero Course”, we are proud to announce that we will be providing our first hackathon opportunity for all developers via Gitcoin Grants Round 12 starting on December 1st.

SubQuery’s mission of making the world’s decentralised data more accessible relies on having a network of developers who are empowered to create and innovate within the Substrate/Polkadot ecosystem. Our partnership with Gitcoin reflects our commitment to provide opportunities for motivated developers around the world to build the applications of tomorrow.

The  Gitcoin GR12 Hackathon  takes place from December 1st — 16th 2021 with leading blockchain projects contributing to various prize pools.  SubQuery has proposed 5 bounties with a total prize pool of up to $34,000. The prizes will be granted to those who have successfully completed the projects to the pre-set standards, and who deliver the most creative ideas, or those or solve areas to improve the core SubQuery SDK. A short summary of the challenges are below:

Sam Zou, the CEO and Founder of SubQuery commented,  “SubQuery is proud to partner with the Gitcoin GR12 Hackathon to build the future of Web3.0. As the leading data indexer in the Polkadot ecosystem we strongly believe in building tools that allow dApp developers to focus on their front-end, so they don’t need to waste time on building a custom server for data processing. The bounties we have developed reflect our desire to give opportunities for graduates of our ‘Hero Course’ and more advanced challenges for experienced developers”

As part of the GR 12 Hackathon, SubQuery will be running workshops at the beginner and advanced level to help familiarise developers with our platform. In the meantime, you can  learn how to build applications in about SubQuery via the SubQuery Academy. If you are interested in participating, you can join the onboarding page here, while the Hackathon kickoff event will be 1st December with exact details available soon.

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About SubQuery

SubQuery  is a decentralized data aggregation, indexing & querying layer between Layer-1 blockchains and decentralized applications. The protocol abstracts away blockchain data idiosyncrasies with the SubQuery SDK, allowing developers to focus on deploying their core product without needlessly wasting efforts on custom backend technologies.

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