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February Recap

February flew by for the team at SubQuery as we have been busy on all fronts preparing for our TGE and servicing all of our existing customers including the leading teams in Polkadot. We have a lot of exciting work going on that we can't wait to share...

January Recap

Hi everyone, and welcome to 2022! Last year was huge for us at SubQuery but after a much needed summer holiday here in New Zealand the team are well rested and energised by the potential ahead of us. This year is going to be the year of the decentralised data...

December 2021 Recap

This year has absolutely flown by and SubQuery has come a long way! Since February 2021, we’ve grown a huge inclusive community, helped hundreds of projects to build faster, and scaled our hosted service to handle hundreds of millions of API requests for the top projects in Polkadot. Read...

November 2021 Recap

This month it’s all about execution Welcome to the latest monthly update from SubQuery, and one that is particularly full of all the exciting stuff happening around our community. SubQuery Network SubQuery to launch on Acala At our community call, we finally announced that SubQuery and the SQT token...

October 2021 Recap

Putting Our Plans Into Motion Welcome to the latest monthly update from SubQuery, and what will be the first one for many of you based on the growth of our community. From here on out we will try to structure every update around three key areas; community, core product development,...

September 2021 Recap

The Secret Is Out Welcome to the latest monthly update from SubQuery. September was a massive month for SubQuery as we announced our fundraising and made huge strides in all areas of the business. We are constantly on the look-out for talented individuals so please reach out if you can...

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