Ethscriptions functions as a substitute for smart contracts and functions as a protocol on Ethereum Layer 1. This allows users to share data and perform computations at considerably lower costs. Ethscriptions takes a different approach by bypassing the storage and execution processes typically associated with smart contracts. Instead, it relies on deterministic protocol rules applied to fundamental Ethereum calldata to determine the state. The main goal of Ethscriptions is to provide ordinary users with the ability to carry out decentralised computations at an affordable rate.

We're excited to announce the development of a starter project designed to index all ethscriptions and facilitate queries.

Our objective is to streamline the entire process, making it accessible for users with different skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned developer or embarking on your Web3 journey, this guide provides you with the information and assurance to effortlessly navigate Ethereum or any protocol built on the EVM and its core components.

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This project involves enabling queries for a single entity, specifically the `Inscription`. Here's an example of such a query:

query {
  inscriptions(first: 2) {
    nodes {

The possible response is as follows:

  "data": {
    "inscriptions": {
      "nodes": [
          "id": "0x464612703fbc884e68a8b53cff271d7dca9af868c4e7638f5052abc764e05251",
          "data": "data:,{\"p\":\"erc-cash\",\"op\":\"mint\",\"tick\":\"ESH\",\"id\":\"10348\",\"amt\":\"1000\"}",
          "creator": "0x0d283dF942DA60E67AA41b3393d0420EBf65c8d1",
          "block": 18130571,
          "created": "2023-09-13T23:11:59"
          "id": "0xe1a62ebfa91493d6b2d3651e72a27b2ccb227b38c5cd68c697832987b659d501",
          "data": "data:,{\"p\":\"erc-20\",\"op\":\"mint\",\"tick\":\"defi\",\"id\":\"3938\",\"amt\":\"1000\"}",
          "creator": "0xBe3C8c48845c42484d896EF0A5a7fDa3A3ceCE7F",
          "block": 18130661,
          "created": "2023-09-13T23:30:23"

In essence, the SubQuery's SDK simplifies the process for developers to retrieve Ethscriptions, highlighting its capabilities.

About Ethscriptions

Ethscriptions serve as a cost-effective alternative to smart contracts, which are often too expensive for the majority of users, as well as to current centralised L2 solutions. This protocol enables users to share information and carry out computations on Ethereum Layer 1 at a significantly reduced cost. Ethscriptions achieves this by circumventing the storage and execution processes of smart contracts, instead determining the state through the application of deterministic protocol rules to basic Ethereum calldata.

At present, Ethscriptions primarily operate as more economical NFTs. However, with the introduction of the Ethscriptions Virtual Machine, they will serve as a more budget-friendly alternative to the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

About SubQuery

SubQuery Network is innovating web3 infrastructure with tools that empower builders to decentralise the future. Our fast, flexible, and open data indexer supercharges dApps on over 150 networks, enabling a user-focused web3 world. Soon, our Data Node will provide breakthroughs in the RPC industry, and deliver decentralisation without compromise. We pioneer the web3 revolution for visionaries and forward-thinkers. We’re not just a company — we’re a movement driving an inclusive and decentralised web3 era. Let’s shape the future of web3, together.

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