SubQuery is a fast and flexible blockchain indexing toolkit used by hundreds of teams on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polkadot, Cosmos, Avalanche, and many more. By using our indexing solution, developers can focus on building their core products rather than building their own indexes.

Our latest Developer Update highlights the following:

  • SubQuery Expanded Support to Akash Network and Concordium
  • SubQuery's Sleek Website Makeover
  • Lower Pricing and New Compute Controls on SubQuery Managed Service
  • UX Improvements to Kepler Network App

SubQuery Expanded Support to Akash Network & Concordium

Last November, we announced indexing support for Akash Network, an open-source Supercloud that lets users buy and sell computing resources securely and efficiently. The network is purpose-built for public utility.

Developers on Akash can now benefit from a superior SubQuery indexing experience, including access to the open-source SDK, tools, documentation, and developer support that the SubQuery ecosystem provides. They are also supported in SubQuery’s enterprise-level managed service, which provides enterprise-level infrastructure hosting and handles millions of requests each day.

“At Akash, we're committed to providing developers with the best tools and services for building, deploying, iterating, and scaling their applications and we’re thrilled to include one of the best multi-chain indexers in the market in our ecosystem.”

— Anil Murty, VP of Product & Engineering at Overclock Labs (Creators of Akash Network)

We’ve also extended our indexing support for Concordium, a Layer-1 blockchain that provides individuals and businesses with a science-backed, environmentally responsible, and verifiable self-sovereign digital identity, data ownership, and fast, low-cost transactions to navigate Web3 confidently.

"Concordium has remained steadfast in our mission to excel as a premier blockchain, with a robust focus on essential domains like ESG, DeFi, Tokenization, Track & Trace, Transportation, and Logistics. Our alliance with SubQuery takes us one step closer to this aspiration as we now have a crucial tool to help dApp developers foster the growth and success of their applications within the Concordium ecosystem."

— Torben Kaaber, Head of Commercial

SubQuery's Sleek Website Makeover

We’ve polished the main homepage with the vibrant and futuristic design of our new brand identity. Our mission, core product, and documentation command the spotlight, enabling you to easily explore our all offerings with ease. Learn more here

Lower Pricing and New Compute Controls on SubQuery Managed Service

We’ve made the Managed Service more competitive and powerful with the introduction of two important changes. Firstly, we have revised the pricing structure for our Managed Service to decrease the base costs of our standard plans by 20%. We’re also introducing fine-grained controls over the vCPU compute assigned to your projects, to allow you to boost indexing performance temporarily

Read more about the update here

UX Improvements to Kepler Network App

Kepler just got even more user-friendly! Now, users can seamlessly connect using Metamask, WalletConnect, Talisman, or Rainbow Wallet.

We’ve also updated the explorer page to provide a search box, summarise rewards and indexers for each project, and generally improve the UX for consumers and delegators.

Other Updates and Releases with the SubQuery Network

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SubQuery Network is innovating web3 infrastructure with tools that empower builders to decentralise the future. Our fast, flexible, and open data indexer supercharges dApps on over 115 networks, enabling a user-focused web3 world. Soon, our Data Node will provide breakthroughs in the RPC industry, and deliver decentralisation without compromise. We pioneer the web3 revolution for visionaries and forward-thinkers. We’re not just a company - we’re a movement driving an inclusive and decentralised web3 era.

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