Today we’re making the Managed Service more competitive and powerful with the introduction of two important changes. Firstly, we have revised the pricing structure for our Managed Service to decrease the base costs of our standard plans by 20%. We’re also introducing fine-grained controls over the vCPU compute assigned to your projects, to allow you to boost indexing performance temporarily. The addition of these features allows us to provide better customer experience and performance, at a lower price.

New vCPU Compute Controls

From the 1st of December, we are introducing a powerful new feature into our Managed Service that allows customers to control the vCPUs and worker threads assigned to each project. Customers can set a specific number of vCPUs assigned to their project temporarily.

This allows customers to scale up or down the vCPUs and worker threads assigned to each project in real-time. This is an excellent control that allows customers to assign more compute to their project during initial indexing to boost speed, but then drastically scale down indexing compute once the project has caught up, lowering cost. Each additional vCPU unit will be charged at $0.10 per deployment hour.

New Pricing Model: More Value, Lower Cost

We believe in providing exceptional value to our users, and one significant enhancement comes in the form of reduced deployment hour costs for Standard Plans. Previously priced at $0.25 per hour, the base deployment hour cost for Standard Plans has now been decreased by 20% to $0.20 per hour.

With our recent support for multi-chain multi-chain projects, the new pricing model has been updated to cover additional networks, and each additional network (1 is included in the base deployment hour cost) is charged at $0.12 per deployment hour. This makes multi-chain indexing significantly cheaper than indexing each network separately and also includes all the benefits associated with multichain indexing, including consolidated datasets and a single GraphQL endpoint.

Explore our New Pricing 

For a detailed breakdown of our updated pricing model and to explore the myriad possibilities for your project, refer to our Pricing Page here after the 1st of December. 

At SubQuery, we believe in fostering a community of innovation, and these pricing updates are a testament to our dedication to your success. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting your journey into web3, we're here to empower your vision with efficient, affordable, and cutting-edge solutions. Take advantage of our data indexing tool now! 

About SubQuery

SubQuery is a leading blockchain data indexer that provides developers with fast, flexible, universal, and decentralised APIs for web3 projects. We empower developers from over 110+ ecosystems including Ethereum, Polygon, Polkadot, Cosmos, Algorand, NEAR, and Avalanche with rich indexed data to allow them to build intuitive and immersive decentralised applications. This blockchain developer toolkit enables developers to focus on their core use case and front-end without wasting time building a custom backend for data processing activities. In the near future, the SubQuery Network will replicate this scalable and reliable solution in a completely decentralised manner.

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