In the past few months, we've embarked on an exhilarating journey, focusing on testing, scaling, and introducing new features to enhance SubQuery's Kepler Network. This dedicated effort has strengthened Kepler's capabilities, marking significant milestones. We're grateful to our community and stakeholders for their invaluable support. Join us in celebrating these achievements and anticipating a future filled with optimism and promising developments.

Curious about Kepler's performance? 

These are the Kepler network stats in the most recent update:

  • Cumulative rewards distributed: 2.67 million kSQT to Indexers and delegators.
  • Current network stake: 4.05 million kSQT.
  • Total staked percentage: 62.85% (of the 6.44 million kSQT supply).
  • Present delegation: 1.34 million kSQT, highlighting strong engagement and support.

For a comprehensive overview of key metrics, explore our Kepler Metrics Dashboard to access detailed information.

Opening the Next Chapter:

We're thrilled to announce that Kepler is ready to embark on its next phase. While previously accessible exclusively to invited indexers and specially designated ambassadors serving as Delegators, we're now expanding access to everyone!

Starting today, if you've done KYC during any SubQuery event before, you can get kSQT on the Kepler Swap. Now, there are no restrictions on how much you can swap. This means anyone can join as a Delegator or even become an Indexer if they want. It's a big step forward. Last time, when Kepler Swap was open to everyone, all 25,000 kSQT were swapped in just 3 minutes. This time, we're making sure to keep adding more kSQT to meet the increasing demand.

A Refresh on Kepler

The Kepler Network, which served as the pre-mainnet for the decentralized SubQuery Network, was successfully launched on Polygon, Ethereum's Layer-2 scaling solution. Kepler was designed to bootstrap the SubQuery network and progressively decentralize real-world SubQuery project traffic. 

In tandem with the Kepler launch, the kSQT token was introduced. This token mimics the properties of the eventual SubQuery Network token (SQT) in that tokens will be rewarded to Indexers for performing tasks and Delegators can allocate their tokens to indexers to secure the network and receive rewards. Kepler is designed to enable participants to provide value to real projects which are migrated from SubQuery’s managed service to the decentralised offering and receive incentives via the Kepler token (kSQT).

Please note that when the SubQuery Network is up and running, Kepler will be retired, and any kSQT can be burned in exchange for SQT.

How to Join Kepler

Completing KYC

To use the Kepler Swap tool, users will need to complete a Know Your Customer (KYC Check) via our third-party provider, SumSub. This is a basic check that will require users to verify their email address and then do an ID and Selfie check.

Please note:

  • Prohibited jurisdictions: citizens and residents of the Philippines, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Cuba are not allowed to participate.
  • Restricted jurisdictions: citizens and residents of the USA, China, and New Zealand are only allowed to participate if they qualify as accredited investors.

Click here to complete your KYC check

Once you have submitted and Sumsub has approved your KYC check, it may take up to 24 hours for the SubQuery team to manually verify and add your address to the allowlist to be able to swap.

Please head to our Discord and in the #kepler-swap-support channel, follow the prompts in by using the command /kepler-register to submit and link your wallet and email address. You must use the same email that you submitted as part of your KYC check for Sumsub. You should then be whitelisted.

Checking your Status

You can check your status in the #kepler-swap-support in our Discord by writing the command /kepler-ksqt-swap-kyc <wallet_address>.

If you have any questions, or are having any problems with KYC, please message the #kepler-swap-support channel in Discord.

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