Looking for some key insights on how to start your career in the blockchain space? How do you launch that Web3 project you've been dreaming about?

We've got you covered. We're bringing you here the most fire crypto advice from our top investors!

Read on to find out the inside scoop on how to professionally join the Web3 space from the guys that have been in it for years.

Rennick Palley from Stratos Technologies: "Don't just fork, be original!"

Rennick says there are many forked projects in the Web3 space. Some of them are good, but if you're developing a new project, he suggests that you focus on creating something original! Develop a new project that "moves the ball down the field," don't just copy existing ones.

Rennick's Twitter: https://twitter.com/RennickPalley

Learn more about Stratos Technologies: https://www.stratos.xyz/

James Wo from DFG Group: "It's not too late to get into crypto"

Thought it's too late to get into crypto? Not according to James Wo from DFG Group. James says it's not too late to enter the Web3 world neither from the investment nor from the project-development perspective.

The crypto adoption rate is still low and many more people will jump on board in the upcoming years. Even in 2017 people were saying that it's too late to enter. But we're just at the beginning!

James' Twitter: https://twitter.com/realjameswo

Learn more about DFG Group: https://www.dfg.group/

Danish Chaudhry from FMFW.io: "Reach out to the relevant people in the space"

If you're looking for a job in Web3, Danish advises you to take advantage of how accessible the Web3 space is. In the classic corporate world, you don't have access to top management. But in the crypto space it is easy to get connected with the founding team of a top blockchain project.

The hierarchy in crypto is much flatter so you can and should use that to your advantage. Talk to the people with relevant roles in the project: get into their DMs on Telegram or reach out to them on Twitter.

Learn more about FMFW: https://fmfw.io/

Ninor Mansor from Arrington Capital: "Bring your Web2 skills to Web3!"

The Web3 space needs so many different job roles to function, from business development to marketing and everything in between. Bring your Web2 skills to Web3. The space is still small and relatively young so it is easy to wiggle your way into the space and maybe even to the top! It is difficult to become the best marketer in the whole world, but you could become the best marketer in the crypto space. And that's quite motivating!

Ninor's Twitter: https://twitter.com/ninormansor

Learn more about Arrington Capital: https://arringtonxrpcapital.com/

Amos Meiri from Node Capital: "Join a DAO and start contributing"

Join a DAO! DAO's are in high need of talented people. Start mapping out DAOs that you find interesting, join their Discord channels, start contributing and they will most probably notice you and reward or hire you.

Crypto is not just developers. If you're a good writer, a good marketer, or a good community manager --- you can join the crypto space easily!

Amos' Twitter: https://twitter.com/AmosMeiri

Learn more about Node Capital: https://www.node.capital/

Jack Platts from Hypersphere Ventures: "We need more than just developers"

There are more and more people from Web2 joining Web3. The crypto space doesn't just need developers. As its maturing, the Web3 space needs more and more diverse roles like marketing and business development. And actually, there's a big gap in the Web3job market. Many people are scared to join because they think the Web3 world is too complicated or too technical --- but this is not true!

Jack's Twitter: https://twitter.com/jackbplatts

Learn more about Hypersphere Ventures: https://hypersphere.ventures/

Reda from IconPlus Capital: "Don't just jump in, do your research first"

Do extensive research before doing anything in crypto, and especially if you're developing a project. Read up on what you want to achieve, check if it is realistically achievable, find out if you can pull it off financially, etc. "Take a back seat, do a ton of research and don't rush," says Reda.

Reda's Twitter: https://twitter.com/Reda_IPC

Learn more about IconPlus Capital: https://icon-plus.org/

Wanna work in the Web3 space?

The crypto space is developing fast and there's a high need for all kinds of talent, from developers to marketing and pretty much everything in between.

Don't be afraid if you don't have Web3 experience. A lot of the people who start working for Web3 projects don't have it either!

What is important is that you're a fast learner. It's a young space and it's moving fast. Few people really know "everything" about crypto anyways, so what is important is that you are adaptable, willing to learn and that you can think outside of the box.

You can join a DAO and contribute there to get noticed, or reach out to the founding team and propose how you can help the project! The easiest way though is to apply for an open position, like the ones we have at SubQuery: SubQuery jobs.

Wondering what it's like to work at SubQuery? Check out our Meet the team videos: SubQuery team!

Wanna create a Web3 project?

Think of something original, don't necessarily just fork an existing project. Also, do your research before starting something as big as a blockchain project!

Read up on what you want to achieve, check if it is realistically achievable, find out if you can pull it off financially, etc. There are many projects that don't have a clear roadmap or a realistic monetization plan. Don't be one of them!

Don't forget about the value of quality education. Join our free 'Hero' course! This course is designed to get a developer from knowing nothing about SubQuery to developing subqueries, deploying them in Subquery Projects, and building a simple front end app to interact with the project. Once you complete the modules you will also receive a certificate.

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