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SubQuery Team

SubQuery Foundation Proposes Future Governance of the SubQuery Network

The SubQuery Foundation is proposed to lead the governance and strategic vision for the SubQuery Network, fostering growth and development. Through advocacy, marketing, and efficient treasury management, it intends to expand SubQuery's influence in the Web3 community. Today we share our vision for the long-term structure of decentralised...

SubQuery Team

Inviting All New Node Operators!

At our core, we are driven by a singular mission: to construct the most inclusive, high-performing, dependable, and adaptable data service tailored explicitly for dApp developers. To achieve this goal, we need Node Operators to join us. Today we are putting the call out for experienced node runners to join...

SubQuery Team

ETHGlobal Sydney 2024 Recap

Recently our team attended ETHGlobal Sydney, which brought together some of the top minds and experts in the Ethereum ecosystem to Sydney, Australia.  Our Head of Business Development and Dev Relations, Marta Adamczyk, and Head of Marketing Brittany Seales represented us at the event.  What is ETHGlobal Sydney? ETHGlobal Sydney...

SubQuery Team

April 2024 Monthly Recap

Our efforts in April resulted in continuous growth in both network support and customer base. We also introduced enhanced features tailored to user needs and successfully conducted our inaugural governance vote.  Another notable update was the distribution of rewards to the winners of the SubQuery Seekers 3-month-long gamified airdrop program,...

SubQuery Team

Bitcoin's Layer 2 Landscape: An Overview

Introduction Since Satoshi Nakamoto first laid out the idea of Bitcoin (BTC) in the historic Bitcoin Whitepaper in 2008, Bitcoin has captivated the interest of individuals, governments, and traditional financial institutions alike.  As the pioneer decentralised cryptocurrency and the dominant blockchain by market share, Bitcoin represents the flagbearer of the...

SubQuery Team

SubQuery provides Pike with Effortless and Lightning-Fast data indexing

It is with great excitement that we announce our collaboration with our customer Pike, a Universal Liquidity Protocol - designed to remedy the limitations in addressable market size suffered by lending markets of the past and confront the risks that bridges and wrapped tokens present to users. With SubQuery'...

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