SubQuery Network, the universal Web3 data indexing toolkit, is delighted to kick-off whitelisting of our Discord community members for the upcoming SQT Public Sale.

We would like to recognise our Discord community members as critical participants in the SubQuery ecosystem. Your input into the development of our network and community is highly appreciated and we would love for you to continue being part of our journey. Hence, we are happy to let you know that we have reserved you a guaranteed allocation at the upcoming SQT Public Sale. We hope you will become an active network participant once we launch the mainnet of the SubQuery Network and help us bootstrap the network.

The SubQuery Public Sale will consist of three rounds: the former will offer guaranteed allocation for our key community members and network participants. The second round will be open to all interested parties on a "first come, first served" basis and have a max cap. If there are any unsold tokens, we will open the third round on a "first come, first served" basis without the max cap. The Discord whitelisting process is targeting the community members specifically. If you are a SubQuery network participant, but don't have a discord role, you will be communicated to separately.


Any Discord member with one of the following roles: All-Star Ambassador, Senior Ambassador, Ambassador, Country Lead, Spartan, Frontier Indexer. Each role will have its own allocation amounts.

How to Get Whitelisted:

  1. Head to SubQuery Discord;
  2. Find the #public-sale-whitelisting channel (under the "SQT Public Sale" section). You will only be able to access this channel if you have an eligible Discord role;
  3. Read the pinned message and follow the instructions;
  4. If you complete the process correctly, you will be whitelisted. Congrats! You will get a confirmation email with next steps once we process all submissions;
  5. In the meantime, head to to complete the KYC process. You can use this guide for assistance.

The deadline for this process is 12th of July 2022, 2pm UTC.

Next steps and points to consider:

  • Details of the SQT Public Sale including the date, allocation quotas, participation guidelines, distribution mechanism, etc will be communicated soon both via a follow-up email and via the official communication channels (website, Medium, Twitter, Telegram, Discord);
  • Watch out for scammers --- we will never ask you for any funds or test transactions;
  • Watch out for fake tokens --- SQT tokens have not been created yet, and will only be minted and distributed with the official announcement and clear communication from our channels;
  • You must take personal responsibility for securing private keys and seed phrases for your wallet;
  • Unfortunately, citizens and residents of the USA, China, New Zealand, and some other jurisdictions will not be able to participate.
  • In the meantime, we recommend familiarising yourself with the SQT tokenomics here.

About SubQuery

SubQuery is a blockchain developer toolkit enabling others to build Web3 applications of the future. A SubQuery project is a complete API to organise and query data from Layer-1 chains. Currently servicing Polkadot, Substrate, Avalanche, Terra, Cosmos (starting with Juno) projects, this data-as-a-service allows developers to focus on their core use case and front-end, without needing to waste time on building a custom backend for data processing. The SubQuery Network proposes to enable this same scalable and reliable solution, but in a completely decentralised way.

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