September 2021 Recap

The Secret Is Out

Welcome to the latest monthly update from SubQuery. September was a massive month for SubQuery as we announced our fundraising and made huge strides in all areas of the business. We are constantly on the look-out for talented individuals so please reach out if you can help us on our mission of making the world's decentralised data more accessible!

In this monthly update:

  • Announced our fundraising round 💰
  • Multi language blogs and documentation 🌍
  • Exclusive workshops with Discord Community 🔊
  • Encode Club Hackathon 👩‍🎓
  • Community Growth 🚀
  • Interview with Layah Heilpern 🎙
  • Progress on the SubQuery Network 🏗
  • New Projects on SubQuery 🤝

Announced our fundraising round 💰

We were thrilled to announce the close of our US$9m Series A fundraising in September and were delighted with the response that we received from all the key crypto media. Apart from coverage in Coindeskopen in new windowCoinTelegraphopen in new windowThe Blockopen in new window and many others, some of our leading investors also published their investment thesis.

Rennick Palley of Stratos Capital stated that SubQueryopen in new window is "The Google of the Decentralized World" and that "SubQuery is a prototypical example of how Web 3 principals take what works from Web 2 & makes it transparent, fair, and community driven."

While Ninor Mansor of Arrington Capital shared in their "The League of Parachains" reportopen in new window: "If Parachains are nations and the Relay Chain is an international alliance, then SubQuery is the common language --- the lingua franca --- of this new global order."

For more insights and analysis on SubQuery, please check out the following thoughts from Arrington Capitalopen in new windowNode Capitalopen in new window , Stratosopen in new window and IconPlus Capitalopen in new window or check out this video by James Bayly, our Head of Business Development:

Watch Hereopen in new window

Multi-language blogs and documentation 🌍

We are fortunate to have community members and Ambassadors from around the world. As our mission is to help make developers' lives easier, we are working hard to make SubQuery accessible to our global community.

In order to achieve this, we are pleased to announce that our blog is well on track to being translated to 9 different languagesopen in new window. In addition, our developer documentation is also in progressopen in new window, with 4 languages released already. In the coming months, we will also be releasing modular educational content across all the major languages.

Exclusive workshops via our Discord community 🔊

We are extremely proud of our vibrant and inclusive Discord communityopen in new window which is led by Sally, our newest team member. We have several social channels, however Discord is our primary community where we share news and engage with everyone.

Recently we invited the community to a series of exclusive workshops to learn more about SubQuery and we will be doing more within our Discord in the coming months. If you want to hear about exclusive events and get more involved with the team, please make sure you join!

Encode Club Hackathon 👩‍🎓

In order to get closer to the developer community and show our support for the ecosystem, we are thrilled to be sponsoring the largest challenge at Encode Club's Polkadot Hackathonopen in new window. We've partnered with our friends at Acala/Karura to help the community build some game changing dApps and can't wait to see what the teams come up with!

Community Growth 🚀

Our community continues to grow at a rapid pace and we crossed two key milestones in September with Twitteropen in new window crossing 10,000 followers and our Discord groupopen in new window reaching 3,000 members. Thank you for all of your support and if you're not following us already, please get involved!

Interview with Layah Heilpern 🎙

Crypto influencer Layah Heilpern interviewed Sam and James about our progress to date and our thoughts on the future decentralised SubQuery Network. You can watch the interview below.

Watch hereopen in new window

SubQuery Network Progress 🏗

In the past month we have really accelerated the work that we're doing on the SubQuery Network, our decentralised and incentivised future. We've brought on new members to our team to start work on code and also fine tune our tokenomics.

We're putting the finishing touches on proof of indexing, a necessary and significant bit of work that provides guarantees that two SubQuery indexers are equivalent. We're using Merkle Mountain ranges to do this, take a look at the code if you're interested.

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for our first draft of a high level product roadmap --- we know you've all been asking for it!

New Projects on SubQuery 🤝

In September, we announced that we were helping the teams at Parallel Financeopen in new window and DotMarketCapopen in new window with their data needs.

Parallel Finance is a decentralized money market protocol that offers lending, staking, and borrowing in the Polkadot ecosystem. SubQuery's service helps Parallel Finance store, analyse, and query data on their current Heiko testnet. Some of this data is used directly in Parallel's new application, helping users understand and analyse DeFi data.

We are always delighted to get feedback like this from our partners:

"SubQuery is an excellent tool which brought traditional indexing & query technology to Parallel Heiko. The plug-and-play service really saved us a lot of time developing our own block indexing tool and maintaining our own solution." --- Parallel Finance

In the case of DotMarketCap, SubQuery was responsible for feeding information relating to the second batch of Kusama Parachain Auctions to DotMarketCap users. The interesting thing about this collaboration is that the real-time data was actually coming from SubQuery to an existing project maintained by SubVisopen in new window and then picked up again by DotMarketCap. For SubQuery, this is a realisation of our goal to build an open community marketplace of data in our Explorer, it also shows how symbiotic the Polkadot ecosystem is and how teams work together to achieve a shared goal of a decentralised future.

If you would like to learn more you can view all projects easily via our Explorer hereopen in new window.

As always, please join our social channels to stay updated on our latest news and announcements.

James, Sam, and the SubQuery Team

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