Mai 2021 Zusammenfassung

Hinter den Kulissen waren wir im Mai so beschäftigt wie nie zuvor, unser Team zu erweitern, Produkte zu liefern und vor allem so viele Partner wie möglich zu gewinnen.

In diesem monatlichen Update:

  • Weitere SubQuery-Partner kommen an Bord
  • Wir stellen ein!
  • SubQuery ist Teil des Web3.0 Bootcamps

Wir haben in letzter Zeit viele Protokolle, DeFi-Apps, dApps, Wallets, NFT-Plattformen, Crosschain Bridges und mehr über das Polkadot Ökosystem hinweg erreicht. Wir planen, unseren Onboarding-Prozess für neue Partner zu verbessern, um dies mit Beispielcode, vorgefertigten Projekten und besseren Informationen für Entwickler zu beschleunigen.

Expect the stream of new partner projects to turn into a flood.

At the end of May we now have a total of 48 SubQuery projects hosted on SubQuery including:

Take a look at what Darwinia said about us

“Using SubQuery to query Darwinia’s on-chain data has become very simple and flexible. SubQuery regards blockchain data as a graph, and leverages the extensibility of GraphQL to introduce additional functionality. We believe that in the future, the data interface on the substrate chain will mainly use GraphQL, SubQuery is making this a reality”Darwinia

You can start building your next dApp with us today, follow our quick start guideopen in new window or chat with us in our #technical-support channel in Discordopen in new window.

There is so much potential at SubQuery, so many ideas we are building, and so many partners that we’re onboarding that we need to massively expand our team. We’ve just added 4 employees across UX, marketing, business development, and engineering but need to keep adding more.

Please let us know if you can recommend anyone for any of the following roles, we’re looking for the best to join us on our journey 🚀

SubQuery was selected from over 50 candidates to join the exclusive 2021 Web 3.0 Bootcamp in Shanghai. There are some amazing projects and a huge amount of talent in this bootcamp, so we’re excited to be a part of it. Polkadot is the most exciting ecosystem out there in our industry, and China is the fastest growing country building here.

We expect to learn a lot, to make a lot of new friends and partners, to get a lot of feedback on our product development. We expect to come out of this bootcamp even stronger than we are now. You can watch our opening ceremony below

Next month we’ve got some exciting new announcements to share with our community, stay subscribed to our social media channels to hear about them first.

James, Sam, and the SubQuery Team

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